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Rev. Paul J. Miller – Sermon Outline – March 25, 2018

Series Title: “The Way of Change”

Today’s Title: “Truth: See it, Know, Build it, Live it”

Today’s Text: Matthew 7:15-29




WATCH (v15-20)

Be watchful and aware, false prophets are cunning. Be cautious, and patiently wait to see the fruit.

  • Galatians 5:22-26
  • Hebrews 13:7

WILL (v21-23)

God’s will is not a show, it’s a call to come home.

  • John 6:39-40

WISDOM (v24-27)

Practiced words of truth stand up to the storms of trial, persecution and suffering.

  • James 1:22-25

WONDER (v28-29)

The Word of Christ has great authority; be amazed by it.

  • “amaze” is found 38 times in the Gospels


Do you see the fruit of the Spirit being produced in the people you follow?

Are you drawn to dramatic quick fixes or to a daily walk with God?

Will the life you are building stand up to the storms life will bring?

Do you take and make time to let God’s Word amaze you?

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