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Rev. Paul J. Miller - Sermon Outline – November 10, 2019


Series Title: “Being Thankful People in a Thankless World”

Today’s Title: “Thank God for Friends” 

Today’s Texts: Acts 18 & Romans 16


Where does friendship begin?


            - rooted in a common identity

                        - fellow Jewish converts

                        - fellow Christians,“dear friends” (35 in Rom. 16)


Why does friendship grow?


          - working toward a common purpose (Romans 16)

                        - friends acknowledged for their “hard work”

                        - “outstanding” (Andronicus, Junia)

                        - “stood the test” (Apelles)

                        - “chosen in the Lord” (Rufus)

                        - “like a mother to me” (mother of Rufus)

                        - hosting the church (Gaius)


When does friendship deepen?


          - strengthened through a common struggle

                        - Jason (v21 & Acts 17:1-9)  


How does friendship become a life-long bond?


          - willing to give an uncommon sacrifice

              Priscilla & Aquila

- lived in Rome, but had to leave their home & business   

   because Claudius expelled the Jews from Rome

                        - like Paul, tentmakers (leather workers)

- hosted a church in their home (1 Cor. 16:19)

                        - went to Ephesus with Paul

                        - trained Apollos about the faith

                        - risked their life for Paul during a riot

                           (Acts 19:23-41, 2 Cor. 1:8-9)

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