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Rev. Paul J. Miller – Sermon Outline – August 18, 2019

Series Title: “On the Mountain Top with God”

Today’s Title: “Moses, the Reluctant Deliverer”

Today’s Text: Exodus 3:1-14


What did Moses bring to the mountain top?


How did Moses respond to God’s mountain top call?


What did you bring to God?


Your bloodline, heritage, what you were born into


Your knowledge (or lack of) about God


Your childhood experiences


Your sins, regrets, guilt, shame


Your life now, such as it is


Your current influences & authority you’re under


Your sense of wonder


How to respond to God’s mountain top call


Willingly (“Here I am”)


Acknowledge your fears


Know yourself (“Who am I?”)


Know your God (“Who are you?”)


Overcome your reluctance


Resist your excuses


Don’t give up


Let God deal with your past


Hebrews 12:22-24

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