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Rev. Paul J. Miller – Sermon Outline – April 21, 2019

Series Title: “Hope, Heal, Help”

Today’s Title: Hope: Because Pain is Unavoidable

Today’s Text: John 16:16-33

Key Verse: John 16:33



“kosmos” – universal system

Our insufficient way of life

The way things are

Our destiny toward failure



The tribulations we encounter

The anguish we feel

The burdens we carry

Like labor pains (16:21)



“be of good cheer”

“be of good comfort”

be reassured

it’s going to be okay

everything will be alright



“conquer” (military term)

Christ has had conquest over the broken system we are all trapped in

1 John 5:1-5


TROUBLE comes from unmet expectations and assumptions about life, about love, and even about God. The WORLD

has let us down.


TAKE HEART, it’s going to be okay. Because Christ has

OVERCOME the brokenness of this WORLD through His death and resurrection.


Now, on to NEW LIFE IN HIM!!

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