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God Provides

Rev. Paul J. Miller – Sermon Outline – September 30, 2018

Series Title: “This is What God Does”

Today’s Title: “God Provides”

Today’s Text: Genesis 22:1-12


Provision in Birth (Genesis 21:1-5)


Provision in Death (Genesis 22)

  • Isaac’s first recorded words (22:6-8)
  • The place of sacrifice named “The Lord Will Provide” (22:12-14)


Provision for Marriage - Isaac’s wife, Rebekah (Genesis 24)

  • Abraham’s servant sent to find a wife for Isaac (24:1-9)
  • The servant prays, & Rebekah shows up (24:12-16)
  • Rebekah willingly leaves her home (24:57-58)
  • Isaac is in prayer when he meets Rebekah (24:62-65)


Provision for Parenthood (Genesis 25:19-34)

  • Isaac prayed for children, “on behalf of his wife” (25:21-26)


Provision for Water (Genesis 26)

  • God appears to and assures Isaac during a famine (26:1-6)
  • Isaac succumbs to fear & repeats his father’s mistake (26:7-16)
  • God appears & assures Isaac after a well dispute (26:19-25)


Provision to Deal with Children’s Poor Choices

  • Esau had bad marriages (Genesis 26:34-35)
  • Jacob was a deceiver from birth (Genesis 27:5-29)
  • Deep strife between siblings (Genesis 27:41)
  • They came together to bury their father (Genesis 35:27-29)



  • Isaac was a very prayerful man. When God answered those prayers, he was careful with what God provided for him.


Are you in prayer about what you need?

Do you trust God to provide?

When God does provide, are you careful with His provision?

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