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God Blesses

Rev. Paul J. Miller – Sermon Outline – October 7, 2018

Series Title: “This is What God Does”

Today’s Title: “God Blesses”

Today’s Text: Genesis 28:10-17

Jacob’s family was filled with jealousy, rivalry, deception, violence, disappointment, and pain.

But there was also love and blessing from God.

Jacob’s Story – Part 1 (Genesis 25:19-34 & Genesis 27-30)

  • Rivalry at birth and beyond (25:19-34)
  • Deceptively takes his father’s blessing (27:1-40)
  • Esau threatened his life, so he fled to Laban (27:41-28:9)
  • Jacob’s vision of security & blessing form God (28:10-22)
  • Jacob falls in love with Rachel (29:1-21)
  • Jacob is deceived into marrying Leah before Rachel (29:22-30)
  • Jacob is blessed with many children (29:31-30:43)

Jacob’s Sons


Reuben 29:32     Leah       my misery             “the Lord has seen my misery”

Simeon 29:33     Leah       one who hears       “the Lord heard that I am not loved”

Levi 29:34          Leah     attached                “my husband will become attached to me”

Judah 29:35       Leah      praise                    “this time I will praise the Lord”

Dan 30:6           Bilhah   he has vindicated me  “God has vindicated me”

Naphtali 30:8     Bilhah     my struggle             “I have had a great struggle with my sister”

Gad 30:11         Zilpah     good fortune           “What good fortune”

Asher 30:13      Zilpah     happy                     “How happy I am”

Issachar 30:18   Leah      reward                    “God has rewarded me”

Zebulun 30:20   Leah       honor                 “This time my husband will treat me with honor”

Joseph 30:24     Rachel    may He add         “God has taken away my disgrace”

Benjamin 35:18 Rachel    son of my right hand   (Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin)

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