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Rev. Paul J. Miller – Sermon Outline – September 29, 2019

Series Title: “Perfect Love Drives Out Fear”

Today’s Title: “Fear & Wonder - Seeing Yourself as God has Created You"

Today’s Text: Psalm 139


Fear & Wonder Meditation

Invite God to “search” you.

            - set aside time for this

            - get to a quiet a place

            - be still (this might take a while)

                        - slow down, breathe

            - breathe slowly, listen to your breath

            - listen to what your mind & heart are saying 

What fears and anxieties emerge from your thoughts?

            - exhale what troubles you

            - hold the thought and breathe it out

Is there any hatred in you related to those fears?

            - accept that God knows all that is within you

            - believe that He does not condemn or reject you

            - ask God for the strength and courage to love and to forgive

Read Psalm 139 again

            - read slowly, one verse at a time

            - God wants to lead you “in the way everlasting” (v24)

- Are you willing to follow?

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