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God Protects

Rev. Paul J. Miller – Sermon Outline – October 14, 2018

Series Title: “This is What God Does”

Today’s Title: “God Blesses”

Today’s Text: Genesis 32:22-32


Jacob’s Story…

  • God sent Jacob back “home” (Genesis 31:3)
  • Jacob had reason to fear meeting Esau (Genesis 32:6-7)
  • Jacob’s prayer (Genesis 32:9-12)
  • Jacob wrestles with God (Genesis 32:22-32)
  • Jacob meets Esau (Genesis 33:1-10)

This story produces more questions than answers…

How is your life blessed?


What do you have to lose?


Have you ever wrestled with God?


Who are you?


Can you accept struggle a necessary part of knowing God?


Are you trying to name God?


Who is the face of God to you?

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